How to Connect Your Pinterest Account to Your Site and Other Social Media

How to Connect Your Pinterest Account to Your Site and Other Social Media

If you want to get the most out of Pinterest’s features, you’re going to need to connect your account to your website. This is thankfully much simpler than it sounds!

To help you set up your site on your Pinterest account, below you’ll discover the main steps you’ll need to take. 


Claiming Your Website


One of the unique things about Pinterest is that you don’t just add your website by typing in its address. Instead, the platform requires you to “claim your website”. This basically connects it so that its data can be used alongside Pinterest’s analytical tools. 


In order to claim your site, you’ll need to log into your Pinterest account and head to the settings menu located in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see an option saying Claim; click that, then click Claim next to where it says Website. 


You have a few options of how you want to claim the site. You can add an html tag, upload an html file, or add a TXT record. If you don’t know what you’re doing here, you could enlist the help of a web designer. 


Adding Your Pinterest to Other Social Media


As well as connecting your website to Pinterest, you’ll also want to add it to your other social media sites. Even simply adding your Pinterest profile link to sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help to attract new subscribers. 


However, if you want to take it a step further, learn how to share your Pinterest URLs. Find the pin you want to share from the correct board. Then, locate the Send option at the top of the page. After clicking it, choose how you want to share it. You should see social media links which will take you to your accounts. 


Why Connecting Your Site and Social Media Matters


It’s really important to connect your site and social media to your Pinterest account. This allows you to fully utilize the marketing potential of both your website and your social media accounts.


By claiming your website, it lets you monitor your pins’ progress, as well as take advantage of tools such as Rich Pins. All pins that you share from your site will also contain your profile picture. This can greatly increase the engagement on your pins. It also makes it much easier for your subscribers to visit your website. They simply need to click on the link in your profile and they’ll be taken right to it. 


By sharing your pins on other social media platforms, you’ll be reaching their audiences too. Each platform has different users, so you’ll greatly boost your marketing efforts.


The above is a brief guide on how to connect your site to your Pinterest account. By spending just a few brief minutes connecting your site and other social media profiles, you could greatly boost your reach and engagement.