10 Reasons Why PLR Buyers Struggle with Traffic Generation

10 Reasons Why PLR Buyers Struggle with Traffic Generation

There’s a common misconception among private label rights (PLR) buyers that buying a PLR bundle alone is enough to make them profits overnight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

PLR content can give you a significant head start by reducing the time and effort required to create content. Since the content is already done for you, the process becomes much faster and easier.

PLR articles can be used to flesh out a full-blown website in days rather than months or even years. If you’ve bought a PLR ebook, you could start selling it as your own product right away.

Many PLR bundles come with sales pages and other components to help you get it all set up quickly and easily.

So in a way, PLR can be considered a ‘shortcut’ to product/content creation.


There’s one HUGE digital elephant in the room that most PLR vendors don’t talk about – and that is buying PLR content is the easiest part of the process.

The key to monetizing your PLR and getting sales is traffic. That’s the difficult part… and it’s the MOST IMPORTANT part.

If you don’t master traffic generation, your PLR content will only see tumbleweeds rolling by.

Traffic does NOT come automatically. You’ll have to actively siphon it to your own sites/content. There’s work involved here.

It doesn’t matter whether you use free or paid traffic. Ultimately, you’re getting a slice of traffic from popular sites (or social media platforms) to your own web properties.

You’ll either need to leverage the popularity of social media platforms or your content will have to get ranked favorably in the search engines.

This will ensure that to get eyeballs on your articles/products, etc.

Another popular way to drive traffic will be to build a following on social media and send your tribe to your offers by using posts/links.

Easier said than done… but still manageable, if you do it right.

With so many ways to drive traffic, one question still remains – why do the majority of PLR buyers flounder when it comes to traffic generation?

  • Unrealistic expectations

PLR vendors are partly to blame here. Most PLR sales pages will tell you that you can profit with PLR just by ‘slapping your name’ on the product, driving traffic and keeping ‘100% of the profits’.

Easy peasy, right?


While the sales pages may make it look like ‘driving traffic’ is an afterthought, in reality, this activity requires a ton of effort… and time. Forget the overnight profits.

It can take anywhere from 6-12 months before you see positive results with free traffic. Most beginners quit too soon without realizing that this process needs time.

If you’re using paid advertising, you’ll get traffic and feedback much faster, but you’ll need funds to advertise and you must have experience with paid ads.

Or else you’ll lose the shirt off your back… and maybe your undergarments too, if you’re not careful.

Which brings us to the next point…

  • Lack of knowledge

Not all traffic is made equal. Some traffic sources are easier to master than others.

SEO traffic is great but you’ll need to know keyword research, how to silo your site, internal linking, link outreach and so on. There’s a lot to learn and apply here.

Very often, PLR buyers are so busy buying PLR that they never stop to learn how to drive traffic. This is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

Pick ONE traffic source and aim to master it. Learn, do, iterate. By applying what you learn, you’ll understand the process better and start seeing results sooner.

It’s inevitable to make mistakes in the beginning… but this is part of the process.

Over time, you’ll see trickles of traffic which will snowball into a tsunami of visitors. This is the fun part, but it all starts with you picking one traffic source and focusing on getting it to work.

  • Choosing the wrong platform

Not every traffic source is suitable for every niche. PLR buyers often get this wrong and focus on the wrong platforms.

For example, if you’re in the mixed martial arts niche, you’re not going to find too much traffic on Pinterest for this niche. There may be some, but it won’t be worth your effort.

You’re better off leveraging Facebook groups teeming with people interested in mixed martial arts. Or you could start a YouTube channel dedicated to this niche, because MMA enthusiasts love watching clips of matches.

Do your research and see if there’s a solid following for your niche (on the platform) before trying to drive traffic with it.

  • Spreading efforts too thin

As mentioned in reason #2 above, the fastest way to succeed with traffic generation will be to focus on one source until you see positive results.

Then you scale up, and when you’re getting steady traffic, you can maintain it and branch off to a new traffic method.

Far too often, PLR buyers try to leverage multiple platforms at the same time.

They have a couple of pins on Pinterest, a few narcolepsy-inducing videos on YouTube, a Facebook group that’s quieter than a ghost town and other half-baked web properties that neither generate traffic nor have anything of value on them.

A lion that chases two rabbits catches none. Choose one traffic method and go deep.

  • Lack of consistency

The Pareto principle states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts. Unfortunately, many PLR buyers expend less than 10 percent effort on traffic generation.

Those few who do, don’t do enough. Posting once a day on Instagram or TikTok isn’t going to cut it.

These are ‘noisy’ sites with a ton of distractions and competing posts.

You’ll need to post 3-4 times a day just to be seen and gain traction. The more you post, the more eyeballs you’ll get on your content – especially when you’re starting out.

Don’t overdo it and post 20 times a day though. Your account will get flagged by the platform’s algorithm and you’ll have new problems to deal with.

Stick to a posting schedule of 3-4 times a day… and keep at it for at least 90 days.

If that seems too demanding, you’re right. But that’s the price you’ll need to pay to drive traffic from these social media platforms which are hotbeds of traffic.

Generally, most of your posts will get average traffic but a handful will get massive traffic. This is the Pareto Principle at work. You can only tap into it by creating lots of content.

Even if you’re using SEO as a way to drive traffic, you’ll need to blog at least 3-5 times a week. While not all your posts will get traffic, some may skyrocket in the rankings and get a ton of visitors. The less popular posts will still be valuable when the traffic stats are measured cumulatively.

  • Underestimating content creation demands

By now you’ll realize that driving traffic is hard work. You’ll not only need to create content consistently, but also send your ‘content babies’ out into the scary online world to be judged by the unwashed masses.

Welcome to traffic generation! 

You can speed up the process by purchasing done-for-you social media calendars, templates, etc. Just like PLR, you can leverage these for your content needs.

Alternatively, you could hire freelancers on sites like Fiverr or Legiit to either create content for your social media accounts or get them to manage your account for you – or both, you savvy entrepreneur you!

It doesn’t matter how you go about it. Just make sure you’re a content-generating machine that’s unstoppable.

  • Dull content

While dull content is better than no content, you’ll be leaving a ton of traffic on the table if your content doesn’t grab attention.

PLR buyers often use their content as is without injecting any personality into it.

It’s imperative to understand that people have the attention span of a housefly these days.

They flit from post to post impatiently. TikTok videos, Facebook stories, Instagram reels, etc. only provide short clips about 20-30 seconds long.

These short clips have trained hordes of users to have a short attention span. Even when the videos are 20 seconds long, millions of people scroll by after just 3 to 4 seconds.

They judge if the content is worth their attention in seconds. This is the state of affairs these days and you need to be aware of it.

It’s much more challenging for you as a marketer to grab their attention and reel them in. Entertainment trumps education in the social media world.

So your content needs to be attention-grabbing, fun, polarizing, engaging, informative and deemed to be of value for it to gain traction.

The best way to achieve this will be to model the successful ‘influencers’.

Pay attention to how they structure their content and the format it’s delivered in.

  • Do they use captions?
  • Are the videos short?
  • Is there humor?
  • What are their most popular posts?

The more you study their content, the better your own will be.

  • Not engaging with their audience

The key word in social media is… *drumroll please* … “SOCIAL”.

Yes, you’re never too cool to engage with your followers. Reply to comments. Show your followers some attention and love. A little bit goes a long way.

Even the most popular influencers reply to their followers’ comments for the first 10 minutes or so after posting.

When you have a million followers and a few thousand comments, you can’t reply them all... but replying to the first 10 or so makes you seem much more ‘approachable’.

If the top influencers can engage with their followers, so can you.

If your YouTube video gets comments, give them a thumbs up and a reply.

If someone asks a question in your Facebook group, answer them.

It’s that simple.

By doing this, you’ll build a loyal tribe that follows you more closely… and when you put an offer in front of them, most will take a look at what you’re selling and many of them will even buy it.

Because they like and trust you.

Be social. Period.

  • Lack of balance

People come online for information or to be entertained. They hate being sold to… but they love to buy.

When posting content online, you’ll want to aim for a ratio of 1:4.

That means, for every piece of content that sells something, you’ll want to post at least 4 other pieces of content that provide pure value without trying to extricate a sale.

If you appear too salesy, you’ll lose your audience. In the same vein, if you hardly sell, your audience will be appalled when you do try to sell something… and you’ll lose them.

You want balance. Don’t make the mistake so many marketers make where all they ever do is sell, sell, sell… with scant regard for the people consuming their content.

Value, personality and engagement comes first. The sales come as a by-product of getting these right.

People want to buy from other people. By being personable, you’ll get a lot more traffic and sales in the long run.

  • Not being creative

Creativity is what separates genius from the masses. You do not need to be creative right off the bat. It comes with experience.

That said, while modeling other successful marketers is great, if all you do is follow – you’ll never lead.

PLR buyers are often shy and don’t want to stand out. They want to follow the masses and just do what works.

To truly drive insane amounts of traffic, you must dare to be different and start something new. Don’t be afraid of failing.

Most of the trends on TikTok are usually started by someone who dared to be creative without fearing judgement.

What happens next?

Suddenly, everyone else hops on the trend and starts doing the same thing. But the first person who started it all usually gets the most attention and traffic.

Aim to be creative. Start making memes. Produce funny and engaging videos. Inject humor in your content.

Like Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

The online world is a hyperactive and noisy place. Even if what you try out doesn’t catch on, you can always delete it and try something else.

In a week or two, no one will even remember what you did. So be creative without hesitation or fear of judgment.

In conclusion…

Without traffic, you won’t have a profitable online business.

Buying PLR merely gives you a slight advantage. But to truly profit from your PLR, you’ll need to spend most of your time and effort on traffic generation, once you’ve set up your PLR content.

You can never have too much traffic. Start working on getting more visitors to your content right now and in time to come, your online business will be a rewarding one.