4 Key Things You Need To Now To Create Effective Pins For Your Business.

4 Key Things You Need To Now To Create Effective Pins For Your Business.

What Makes a Good Pin?


When it comes to creating pins, there are methods you can use to make them stand out. You are up against a lot of competition on the platform, so making your pins stand out from the crowd is essential. 


The question is, what makes a good pin? Here, you’ll discover the key things you need to know to create effective pins for your business.


Use an Inspiring Image


The image you use for your pin will make a big difference in how successful it is. You’ll need to make sure you are using an inspiring image that encourages people to click through to the content within. 


Think of your pins as your portfolio. You want people to save them, which means they need to be visually appealing. 


Add a Description to Your Pins


Another thing you’ll want to include is a description. Now, you might notice that many pins on the site don’t come with a description. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to add one. 


Adding a description to your pins and your boards can give them a lot more context. It can also help to drive a lot more traffic, reach and engagement on your pins. So, what type of information should you include in the description?


Your business name and a call to action are the main things to add. You should also give a brief, concise description of what the pin is about. Here you can include relevant keywords to help optimize the pin.


Focus on Attribution


One thing you need to think about when you’re posting on Pinterest is attribution. When you are using someone else’s content, be sure to credit them when you post. 


Similarly, you’ll need to protect your own pins to prevent them being stolen. Adding your branding to your pins is the best way to stop them being used by another business or individual. You can also clearly state that credit needs to be given if any of your pins are used by third parties. 


This really helps to build up trust on the platform. As you share other people’s work and give them credit, they are more likely to give you credit too. 


Don’t Forget Your Call to Action


All pins should have some type of call to action. Whether it is to visit your website, follow your account, or sign up to your regular newsletter, make sure you tell your audience what is expected of them. 


Pins aren’t going to be effective if they don’t contain a clear call to action. By including a call to action in both the description of the pin and within the pin itself, it increases its effectiveness.


These are some of the main things that make a good pin. It’s important to familiarize yourself with how to design the best pins if you want them to be saved and shared with others. There are a lot of mistakes you can make too, so be sure to research the common mistakes businesses make when they first start using the platform. 

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