Step One: Set It Up.
Step Two: Walk Away.
Step Three: Let It Work.


Follow These Three Steps To Setup A "M.I.N.I."
 Membership Site And Make Money Online


Dear Friend,


Do you remember the infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie in which Ron Popeil uttered these words which became famous...


"Set it and forget it"!


The idea was golden, right? Pop a chicken into the rotisserie, set the machine, and walk away. While you were doing other things, the chicken was cooking up just right. Upon your return, all the work was done. And so was the chicken. You're ready to eat!


That's an attractive offer. I mean, I don't care what you're doing, that sounds really good


This idea of setting something in motion and then walking away while it manages itself to completion and success.


I'd love to have a "set it and forget it" housekeeper. Push a few buttons, walk away and the house would be cleaned while I'm out playing tennis. Wouldn't it be great to come home after a couple of hours to find the carpet vacuumed (and steam-cleaned - why not, it's automated), the dishes washed, the clothes folded, the rooms dusted and even the windows washed.


I'd love to have "set it and forget it" lawncare. Activate that thing and head out for a day at the beach. Get back home and the lawn is neatly trimmed, fertilized and watered. The sidewalk, driveway and patio have been edged and weedeated. (I'm pretty sure "weedeated" isn't a real word.) Flowers have been planted, shrubs trimmed, and a glass of lemonade is waiting on the back-porch.


I'd love to have a "set it and forget it" errand boy. Program a few activities into the settings and it's time to watch a movie. Or two. Or three. I've got lots of time while the errand boy is out delivering packages, getting the oil changed, shopping for groceries, buying gifts, getting a haircut (wait, scratch that, I'd need to be there for that one) and returning library books.


Unfortunately, those things don't exist. If only Ronco had invented such items. Sigh. :)


Still, the idea is an attractive one. I mean, who wouldn't want to...

Set up something to get a desired result,
walk away to do things you enjoy, and
 let automation handle things in your absense?


A lot of people are touting the merits of setting up membership sites to make money online. 


I love membership sites myself. I've owned quite of few of them and have half a dozen active sites right now. They are a great source of revenue.




They also require ongoing time investment.


What if...


It were possible to "set it and forget it" when it comes to membership sites?


It is possible!


While I teach information on several different kinds of membership sites (traditional, fixed-term, etc.) what I want to introduce you to now is the concept of a "mini" membership site which is sometimes known as a "one-off" membership site or a "vault" membership site.


Here's the idea...


Defined: A "mini" membership site is a site which you setup one-time with a set of informative materials (articles, reports, videos, etc.) related to a specific topic that members pay a one-time fee to access.


Did you catch the words "one-time"? You set this up one-time, walk away and let it run. To be sure, you will need to promote it so people know about it. But the site is setup one time and operates on its own. The benefits are attractive...


1. Since there is a one-time setup, you are not tied down to creating new materials every month.

2. Since there is a one-time payment, prospects are more likely to buy as there is no long-term
 buying commitment.

3. You can use the site to build a customer list which you can then use to promote other related offers.

4. You can even build in backend offers into the content itself (provided you still deliver high-quality information.

5. Once the site is setup, your only responsibility is to promote it. The site automatically processes and fulfils the orders.


As you can see, this is a solid business model. If you know what you're doing, you could set one of these up in a couple of days.


If you know what you are doing.


My new report will get you well on your way...


The Mini Membership Formula: How To Create A M.I.N.I. Membership Site

(25 Page Report in .PDF Format - Instant Download)
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The Mini Membership Formula is a concise, yet comprehensive, special report. In a short amount of space, you'll learn what creating a mini membership is all about, as well as what you need to do to get your own site "live" and taking orders.

A few of the things you'll learn as soon as you download your copy include...

  • My proprietary M.I.N.I. membership site formula where I introduce you to the four key steps to building the perfect one-off site to sell memberships to. I use the acronym "M.I.N.I." to illustrate each of the steps...
  • M - Market: here’s where you choose a hungry market to sell your memberships to, plus you choose the topic of your site (such as tennis, homeschooling, body building, improving a golf game, etc). I'll give you half a dozen ways to find a hungry market, suggestions on finding the right topic, and 20 fill-in-the-blank templates for selecting a title for your site.
  • I - Information: Creating your membership site content is easy when you use private label rights (PLR) content! You can over-deliver by offering your members tightly-related niche eBooks, reports, audios, videos, software and more! I'll give you recommended resources and ways to find high-quality PLR content, insider tips for choosing the right materials and more than a dozen ideas and tips for repurposing the content for your mini membershp site!
  • N - Network: Here you’ll discover how to set up a password-protected membership website, collect payments and more. I'll give you simple suggestions and a run-down of action steps, for getting your site up and running as quickly as possible! Note: You will need to have experience in writing your own salesletter, as well as intermediate WordPress skills.
  • I - Invite: All that’s left to do is invite your prospects to become customers! While traffic generation is outside the scope of this special report, I'll give you a one-page checklist of the top 15 ways to quickly get the word out about your new membership site so prospects can start becoming paying customers!

IMPORTANT: The Mini Membership Formula is a special report. It is not a detailed, "how-to" home study course on the subject. It is a "what to do" report. The necessary steps are shared, but there is not a lengthy explanation of them. 


If you sell information online, then creating a "mini" membership site is a great addition to your line-up of content-based products. You can quickly get things established and ready to take orders. Usually those who are experienced can do so in a few days. (You could lock me in a room for eight hours, and I could have one setup from scratch.)


Then, you can enjoy the benefits of selling memberships as you spend time informing the world of your site.


"Set it and forget it"!


There are a lot of ways that you can make money online. There are even several ways to make money with membership sites. But, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a way that is quicker and easier and requires less ongoing activity than a "mini" membership site.

Get your report today. And get sales by the end of the week.


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