Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers – Do You Have Any?

Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers – Do You Have Any?

If you have been marketing for any length of time, you'd most likely have read or heard the expression, "Traffic is the lifeblood of your business." 

That is very true, but here is what most beginner marketers do not know -- traffic is easy. It's conversions that are difficult.  You may always drive visitors by spending some money but getting that traffic to convert to sales is where the challenge is different.

While improving conversions is beyond the scope of this article, we are going to have a look at why one of the biggest mistakes affiliates make is not proactively driving traffic to their web properties or affiliate links.

There are a couple of things to notice about traffic, however, the most important one to keep in mind is you will have to drive and direct it to your websites.  Building a website and waiting for visitors to arrive is simply not going to cut it.  You MUST direct the stream of visitors to your websites.

Don't try to create your own

Here's something so many marketers don't realize -- the fastest way to get traffic is to 'siphon' it from websites that have lots of it.  Most of us know that millions of individuals are on Facebook.  It just makes sense to select Facebook and utilize fan pages, Facebook groups, or Facebook ads to target individuals interested in your specialty.

By Facebook, now you'll have a stream of traffic moving to your site.  Exactly, the same applies to YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc...  

You always pay for it

There's no such thing as free traffic.  You either pay for it with money or together with your own time and energy.  Video marketing is free, but you'll need to spend time making the videos, optimizing them doing all that you will need for them to rank, and receive traffic to your website.

The same applies to other free methods.  It is best to use them in case you're starting out and on a tight budget.  If you can manage paid advertisements and you have a good understanding of how they work, you'll get faster results with paid traffic but only realize that no matter what, you will pay.

Concentrate on one first 

When driving traffic, concentrate on a single source at a time.  If you're using YouTube, get good at it till you've got thousands of readers and visitors from there before continuing to a different traffic source.

Many novices run from one supply to another like headless chickens.  Their efforts are scattered and provide no results because they've never gone deep.  Go deep and focus on a single traffic source until it works for you.  Then scale up and proceed to the next one.

Capture as much of it as Possible 

Drive all traffic to a landing page.  Offer a free trial or a lead magnet so that you capture leads.  This will not just build your list, but you'll have the ability to presell the traffic and improve conversions.


They will be composed of cold traffic.  Thus, you need to warm them up.  The more you engage and build a connection with them, the greater your marketing efforts will be.

Keep at it

Finally, driving traffic is a never-ending task.  While you're able to automate it or hire someone to assist you, just know that it must be ongoing.

On the last note, do remember that without visitors you won't own a business.  It is not difficult to drive visitors, but it will require effort and know-how.  Thus, educate yourself and begin now.  In just a month or 2, you'll begin seeing results that will snowball over time.  That is the way you can do it.