3 Simple Steps To Building Your Email List Using Free Methods!

3 Simple Steps To Building Your Email List Using Free Methods!

How To Build An Email List Using Free Methods

An email list is one of the most important assets you can build to grow your business quickly. If you want to build an email list, you can consider doing paid adverts. However, if you don’t have the budget for it yet, then read this article to get a headstart on building your list in just a few days or weeks.

1. Create an awesome giveaway you know your audience will love

No one will ever give you their email address if all they get in exchange is a “hello” email. You need to give them something very valuable, so it’s easier for them to type in their email address on your opt-in form. You don’t even have to write a 5,000-word eBook to use as a giveaway. If you’re selling something, you can use a discount code or maybe even a free 7-day trial period as your giveaway.

2. Promote your giveaway on social media channels

If you’ve got social media presence, you can announce your offer to your followers. Write your post in such a way that your audience will feel compelled to sign up for your list.

Make your offer sound so enticing that they’d feel bad if they miss out on it. Then ask them to also share your post with their friends so they can benefit from your wonderful gift. You can even try adding an incentive for those who successfully refer their friends to join your list!

Getting ‘viral’ success is entirely possible on social media – think outside the box and do your best to get your free gift in front of as many people as possible!

3. Make your opt-in form highly visible on your website

It doesn’t matter if you make the most amazing free gift for your email subscribers and promote it heavily on social media if they can’t see your opt-in form on your website! Put your opt-in form in places like your website’s sidebar, your site’s header and footer, your about page, in your blog posts, and many other places.

Make sure your opt-in form stands out. Don’t make it blend with your website as it will render it practically invisible to your visitors. Don’t make them look for it. If you want people to sign up, you’ve got to show them where they need to sign up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope that you learned at least one thing that will help you build your email list. You can also join our free training right now to learn 7 ways to add more subscribers to your list this month!.