9 Ways To Repurpose And Make Money With PLR

9 Ways To Repurpose And Make Money With PLR

There are many ways to repurpose and make money with PLR (Private Label Right) content. It's really up to you. But to get you headed in the right direction. Here are 9 great suggestions to repurpose PLR content.


1. Add it to your Web site or personal blog. You brand the content and then you can post it as is or rewrite it. This will boost your Web site's traffic. Instantly. Google rewards Web sites with a better search ranking if you incorporate relevant and recent content to your site. So to keep your rankings up, you have to add fresh content to your Web site or blog at least once a week.


2. Edit your long-form content like e-books and articles, to get the most value out of this content, you can break them down by chapter or topic and then post them as individual entries to stretch your content dollar and increase effectiveness.


3. Emails and newsletters. If you're not contacting your customers regularly, you're missing out on a great sales opportunity and leaving bags of cash under the table by sending them some of the new content you've acquired. You will be keeping them up to date with news and developments within their areas of interest, giving you further credibility as a reliable provider of products and services.


4. Social networking, you probably have a Facebook page and know about the power of going social. So why not build a separate page for your business or create a group of followers on a particular topic? It's easy to post regular status updates that include your own branded content, and the great secret is amazing. Never before released content has the potential of going viral and increasing your market research around the world.


5. Add the content to someone else's site. You can become a member of sites that represent organizations or special fields of interest that relate to your business and enter discussions or make comments. This opens a window of opportunity for you to post some of your branded content that links back to your Web site and gain your credibility as an expert.


6. Use the material to create Google AdSense sites. Ad Sense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn money by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content, including yours.


7. Use the content to promote an eBay store. Again, by offering meaningful content through social networking. This will help you attract more prospects to your Web site or store.


8. Package the content as a complete home step-by-step study course to help others and gain even more value for your product.


9. Make a free giveaway for longtime customers. Surprise your customers with a free digital gift, even if they haven't bought anything in a little while. Food for thought.

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